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Gepost door Rui Lun Juong: “Rosanna Voorwald posted this video on her own Instagram story on 2020/03/13. Where she says: “I’m going there and I will kill them all, I’m so mad” and “I really want to fly over there and take my gun, because I’m ready for war”. We can’t accept this, THIS IS NOT A JOKE, but a serious threat.

Rosanna Voorwald has a lot of following on Instagram and is even certified. She participated in Temptation Island RTL Temptation Island VIPS The Netherlands.
When people like @rosannavoorwald continue to blame Chinese people for the Covid-19 / Coronavirus, people will keep treating all Asian (looking) people like they have the virus. People will keep on using Covid-19 / Coronavirus as an excuse to be racist and violent towards Asian (looking) people.

Some people are saying that Chinese people eat ‘’everything’’, while showing photos of so-called “Chinese food markets” when it’s not even from China.
If you say that all Chinese people eat bats, it’s problematic, you create false prejudices. Not all Chinese people eat bats, or eat “everything. After some basic research, you can find out that it’s not even possible that the virus is from “bat soup”, like a photo which was circulating on the internet all over the world.

The photo with a woman eating the bat soup is from a Chinese influencer “Wang Meng Yun”. She says it was not filmed in Wuhan – or even China – but in Palau, Micronesia, as a travel segment for her vlog, which was taken in 2016. Experts don’t even know yet how the virus originated.

And yes, there are unhygienic food markets in China, I’ve seen it with my own eyes when I was younger. I haven’t been there for at least 13 years, a lot of things have changed as well so I don’t know how the situation is besides what is shown on the internet.
If you are spreading fake news, you are part of the problem. Some people don’t even realize it, and that’s the scary part. People can easily manipulate content and put things out of context.
And also: Please stay inside as much as you can! Follow the measures, stay safe, keep other people safe. You don’t know if you have the virus!”



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