Meisje (2) vliegtuig uitgestuurd omdat ze geen mondkapje wilde dragen (VIDEO)

Er gaan op dit moment beelden viraal van een gezin die uit het vliegtuig wordt gezet omdat hun 2-jarige dochter geen mondkapje wilde dragen. Het gezin was met een vlucht van United onderweg naar Jesey, maar heeft de reis helaas nooit kunnen maken.

Haar bericht

“We got kicked off a United flight

This just happened 7 hours ago and I am still sitting here in confusion, disbelief, disgust and humiliation.

My husband grew up New Jersey, I’ve lived there twice before we got married, and we had spent a long time there together. It’s truly our second home. A tradition that we have is to go see the Rockefeller tree every year. It’s a tradition we also wanted our 2 year old daughter to experience.

Some of our closest friends/family that had grown up with (including his childhood best friend who had moved to Slovakia years ago and hasn’t even met our daughter, and some of our other friends we call family flying in from Cleveland) were going to be there tonight and tomorrow so we can all spend time together for the first time in years.

We were very excited about this weekend trip to jersey/NYC.

⁣ ⁣
We are premier silver members at @united , so we always fly with them. In fact, we had flown with Edeline 4 times already since the pandemic, without ever having an issue.”

“Today, we were asked to leave the plane after it had rolled out, and they had to bring it back to the gate, because our 2 year old daughter would not “comply” and keep her mask on.

She will be 3 in April of 2021 for all that will have to ask.

And what blows my mind even more is that the WHO recommends against face masks for kids under the age of 5. AGAINST. And this decision was “based on expert opinion on childhood developmental milestones, challenges with mask compliance, and the autonomy required to wear a mask properly.”

This is worth a google search.

Since our bags weren’t taken off the plane (they did get our child seat) – we have to wait until tomorrow till they deliver it to our house in Breckenridge which is 2 hours from the DIA airport.

Definitely won’t make it to dinner in Jersey tonight.”